Scotland Yard reveals Tamil hunger striker in Britain was sneaking in burgers!

From the onset global Tamil protest calling for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka's war were all based on lies. Tamil protesters wanted the world to think there was genocide taking place in Sri Lanka. They thought dropping the genocide card will get the British, Americans, and Canadians to pressure Sri Lanka into stopping it's offensive against the Tamil Tigers.

Hunger strikes in the UK and street blockades in Canada, none called for the Tigers to release the Tamil civilians, who Human Rights Watch says were being held as a human shield.

Human Rights Watch

Ruthless to the end, the Tigers had forced the Tamil population under their control to join them every step of the way in their long retreat. Tiger forces used the very people they claimed to be fighting for as human shields, and shot at those desperately trying to flee the fighting.
Through all this Parameswaran Subramaniyan gained a lot of attention in London. The 28 year old was on a hunger strike and claimed he would not consume anything until a ceasefire in Sri Lanka was reached. A ceasefire which would have given the cornered Tamil Tiger leaders the time they required to flee into the nearby jungles and take Sri Lanka back into years of war.

The Guardian even published a story where a Tamil doctor in Britain, Dr Arundkumar Velauthapillai, claimed that Subramaniyan's condition was "deteriorating day by day."

"I will die here," Subramaniyan told the Guradian. Video here.

Little did the hunger striker know that Scotland Yard surveillance teams were monitoring his every move and witnessed Parameswaran Subramaniyan tucking into burgers from McDonald's!

Daily Mail
The protest finally ended in June, but two revelations put it back in the spotlight yesterday.

First, police said it had left them with a £7.1million overtime bill.

Then it emerged that Mr Subramaniyan, 28, had eased his ordeal by secretly eating McDonald's burgers.

Scotland Yard surveillance teams using specialist monitoring equipment had watched in disbelief as he tucked into the clandestine deliveries.

A police insider said: 'In view of the overtime bill, this has got to be most expensive Big Mac ever.'

Scotland Yard made no official comment but senior sources said police decided against dragging the bogus hunger striker out of his tent for fear it would start a riot.

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