Tamil human smuggling ring in Europe busted

German Police have busted a huge human smuggling ring operated by Sri Lankan Tamils.

The Nation

“The German Police had received intelligence that the racketeers, apart from being engaged in smuggling people from Sri Lanka in to Schengen countries were also carrying out illicit trading activity as a group in the EU countries. Out of the 16 suspects arrested, four are from Germany and more arrests will follow, according to German Police. Among the arrested is the leader of the smuggling ring. He is a 44-year-old Tamil known among the diaspora as an ardent supporter of the LTTE,” sources added.
I quoted a Maclean's article awhile back in this post which revealed that when Canadian immigration officials inspected the luggage of a Tamil man upon arrival into Canada, a tip sheet written in Tamil instructed the man to claim that his "house was destroyed, and that they were arrested by the army and beaten," in order to gain refugee status.

For years Tamils lied about discrimination, abuse, and rape in Sri Lanka to immigration officials worldwide in order to become refugees, and later gain citizenship in a developed nation. Many of these refugee cases are either yet to be heard, or still pending. Probably the reason why so many Tamils are on a smear campaign against the Sri Lankan state after the defeat of the Tigers.

For the Tigers, ensuring a sympathiser of their movement is settled in a developed nation is worth more than one in Sri Lanka.

Human Rights Watch

In Toronto, home to the majority of Canadian Tamils, LTTE representatives typically press families for C$2,500 to C$5,000, while some businesses have been asked for up to C$100,000. In London, many families are asked for £2,000 and businesses are approached for amounts ranging from £10,000 to £100,000. Tamils in Norway and France report being approached for similar amounts.

Tamils unable to pay say they have been told by LTTE fundraisers to borrow the money, make a contribution on their credit card, or even re-mortgage their home. One individual who was unemployed when approached by the Tigers was told that he should cut out one meal a day to enable him to give to the LTTE.

The Tamil Tigers have long sought control over Sri Lankan Tamil institutions in Western countries, including the Tamil media, civic organizations, and Hindu temples. In 2005, the LTTE detained two U.K. Tamils for several weeks in Sri Lanka until they agreed to hand over control of a London temple to a group aligned with the LTTE.
According to Jane's Intelligence Review the Tamil Tigers raised close to $300 million USD a year. A majority of the funding raised outside of Sri Lanka.

Indeed, poor or financially strapped Tamil families living in London, for instance, are asked to pay a monthly contribution of 40 British pounds (54 euros) apiece, while the Tamils who operate a Hindu temple in Canada are expected to come up with the equivalent of 700,000 euros ($1.03 million) -- as a "contribution to the final war."

With one in four Tamils living abroad, the number of potential donors runs upwards of 800,000. The largest diaspora is concentrated in Canada (about 250,000 people), followed by India (150,000), Great Britain (110,000), Germany (50,000), Switzerland, France and Australia (30,000 each). LTTE allegedly demands that Tamil expatriates contribute 20 percent of their earnings to the Tigers' cause, and Tamil cultural organizations are believed to employ money collectors who then funnel the revenues through circuitous routes to "Eelam," as the Tigers' realm is known.

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