UN's Navi Pillay wants Sri Lanka to address underlying problems related to "anti-Tamil discrimination"


Sri Lanka should lodge a formal complaint against comments made by the UN's Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Navanethem (Navi) Pillay, a South African Tamil, is the UN's current High Commissioner for Human Rights. A statement from her office today reads,

"It said it hopes that the Sri Lankan Government will soon take serious actions to fulfill its commitments to open up and properly deal with the displaced and other war victims as well as address underlying problems related to anti-Tamil discrimination."

With the exception of laws that existed back when Rosa Parks was still in the "back of the bus," no law or policy exists today which discriminates against any minority in Sri Lanka.

Coming from South Africa, it maybe hard for Pillay to grasp the realities of what is actually going on in Sri Lanka. A UN sanctioned visit to Sri Lanka will broaden her understanding of how Sri Lanka's 4 million plus Tamils thrive with no signs of "anti-Tamil discrimination". To claim that discrimination exists, and then to claim it is anti-Tamil discrimination, one must be able to back that claim up. Or provide Sri Lanka with details on how it can correct this alleged discrimination.

Does Pillay think the confinement of the displaced, till the screening of combatants is complete, is anti-Tamil?

Another grossly negligent statement from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights which just gives the extremist more reason to promote hate.

Thank you Ms. Pillay!

India put Navanethem Pillay right when she last decided to wag her finger at Sri Lanka. This time Sri Lanka should assist her in any manner possible, to help end this ignorance.


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