Video: Ruins of Northern Sri Lanka

[Video] The aftermath of 26 years of war.

The city of Jaffna has changed hands many times. It's seen many come and go. Most residents of Jaffna are Sri Lankan Tamils, there is also a small presence of Muslims.

Almost all Muslims who resided in Jaffna were driven away by the LTTE in the 1990s. During their brutal ethnic cleansing campaigns.

With the exception of military personnel Jaffna became almost exclusively Tamil.

Prior to the defeat of the Tamil Tigers travel to Jaffna was only possible via sea or air. The Tigers controlled much of the terrain en route to Jaffna. Constant war in Jaffna and surrounding areas meant that development was sidelined. The cost of living soared due to high transportation costs.

With the fall of the Tamil Tigers (a/k/a/ LTTE) the population of Jaffna are now seeing positive change. BBC reports that the postal service has resumed. The Daily Mirror says that the government is assisting the small business community in Jaffna. The state run Daily News says that development in Jaffna has been accelerated.

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