Visvanathan Rudrakumar the new Tamil Tiger leader

Late last month I happened to stumble across the following article on the website It is a pro-Tamil Tiger (LTTE) website with Tiger propaganda targeting Canadian Tamils.

Initially the article titled, Eelam Tamils after end of Eelam War 4, appeared to be the typical rant of a bitter, middle aged, Tamil man devastated at the Tamil Tigers defeat. But as I read on I realised the article served a greater purpose.

S. Makenthiran (
The defeat of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on or around May 17, 2009, marked the end of Eelam War 4 and the complete domination of Eelam by the Singhalese dominated Sri Lanka government. Two and a half decades of Tamil armed resistance thus came to an end. The Tamils, before the armed rebellion started, had been subjected to repeated racial attacks by the Singhalese mobs and armed forces. It culminated in 1983, when around 3,000 Tamils were massacred throughout the country, and 90 % of their property in Singhalese majority areas destroyed. Non violent agitation by Tamils for over 35 years was brutally crushed by the Singhalese.
There are several blatant lies in the above. But I bet you none of the Canadian Tamils have a clue.

The Tamil Tiger sympathisers have always wanted moderate Tamils to think that non-violent demonstrations against laws and policies back in the 40's, and 50's fell on deaf years, and the Tamil Tigers were created because peaceful means yielded no results.

I have written in the past how even the non-Tamils protested peacefully at the 'Sinhalese only law'. The law was changed in the 50s, the Tigers were formed in late 70s. Prabhakaran was a bank robber, a common criminal, who transformed his group of thugs into what he called freedom fighters.

Don't fall for it. I can sit here and point out at the lies in Makenthiran's article above. But that's not the purpose of this post.

"We Tamils have to do a two pronged drive towards achieving Tamil Eelam," says Makenthiran.

He goes on to add, "We have to support the Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam under the indomitable Visvanathan Rudrakumar, to keep the flame burning till a suitable time dawns.

"At the same time the Tamil Diaspora should have a powerful unified organization to lobby for and represent Tamil people in Sri Lanka as is being done by the Global Tamil Forum.

"The Tamils in SL have been effectively silenced and made voiceless by draconic laws and army occupation. It is only the Tamil Diaspora that can agitate for Tami rights and separation."

Visvanathan Rudrakumar the new Tamil Tiger leader

The last time I checked most of Canada's parliament was Caucasian dominated. Majority and minority representation in a government is no reason to hate. To think that Sinhalese hate Tamils with a passion is beyond logic. Not just Sinhalese, but every ethnic group hated the Tamil Tigers with a passion. And every democratically elected government is bound by laws to protect it's citizens. No armed entity, like the Tamil Tigers, will be allowed to terrorise parts of Canada with suicide bombs and forced child recruitment to carve out a separate state for only Tamils.

To dream of a mono-ethnic state called Tamil Eeelam, and to prance around like it's all OK, is just stupid. Tamil Eelam, the concept and the ideology, is racist in every form. Educated moderate Tamils should know that any contribution towards segregating Tamils from other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka is morally wrong. That's what Eelam stood for. It wasn't just a separate state, but half of Sri Lanka's land mass, and one third of it's coast handed to terrorist (LTTE) for a Tamil only state.

Be ashamed..Be very ashamed for supporting this doctrine.

Meanwhile, Rudrakumar, the new leader of this already failing enterprise, the Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, has been barred from entering Germany.

He may succeed at fooling Tamils to keep donating towards the Eelam cause by having Francis Boyle and Bruce Fein on his pay roll. But fooling law enforcement authorities worldwide is a thing of the past.

Rudrakumar is said to have invested over $400,000 on both Fein and Boyle as spokesmen to regurgitate Tamil Tiger propaganda. He hoped that the two distinguished non-Sri Lankans will influence western decision makers. More importantly, he hoped that their criticism of Sri Lanka would help keep the Tamil Eelam flame alive by influencing the ignorant.

The Tigers raised a million dollars a month in Canada. Those digits are dropping fast. A lot is at stake.

It is no secret that the Tigers have been lobbying for support in the US for their cause. Hillary Clinton too has received donations from the LTTE.

Sri Lanka on the other hand is out to apprehend the new Tamil Tiger leader.

Daily Mirror
The Sri Lankan government wants the US to take action against the US based LTTE operative V. Rudrakumar, who is possibly the top most remaining active LTTE member following the recent arrest of the chief Tiger arms procurer K. Pathmanathan also known as KP.

Foreign Secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona, speaking to Daily Mirror online, said that the US government should ensure a member of a proscribed terrorist organization who espouses terrorism is made to face the full force of the law.

“This will be consistent with the commitments of the US under international law,” Dr. Kohona said when asked to respond to concerns from some quarters that the US government might not take action against V. Rudrakumar owing to some constrains in the US legal system.

The LTTE is a proscribed organization in the US and a recent attempt by a group in the US to seek the de-listing of the LTTE in America was rejected by a US court.

It was reported that Rudrakumar was among the members of the Tamil Diaspora in the US who had met US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake recently to discuss their concerns over the plight of displaced Tamils who are in camps at Vavuniya.

It was later reported in the media that the government had lodged a strong protest with the US Department of State over Robert Blake’s recent meeting with who the government said were the pro LTTE activists.

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