Global crackdown on Tamil Tiger extremist

A short while ago Sri Lanka's Ministry of Defence announced that popular actor and film director from Tamil Nadu, India, Sebastian Seeman, had been arrested in Canada.

Seeman is a staunch supporter of the Tamil Tigers and is pictured below posing with Vellupillai Prabhakaran, the slain leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (a/k/a Tamil Tigers, a/k/a LTTE).

Seeman is also the owner of the pro-LTTE website, www. naamtamilar. org.

Ministry of Defence,

Tamil Nadu actor Seeman was arrested short while ago (26 Nov) by the Canadian Police and is currently at the Immigration Center ready to be deported to India, Canadian sources said.

He was handcuffed and brought to the detention center by the Canadian Police.

Tamil Radio in Toronto which announced Seeman's arrest said that Seeman had come to Toronto to attend the Marveerday [Tamil Tiger martyr's day] function.

There is talk that he was arrested for an inflammatory speech, and he now faces deportation from Canada.

Earlier this week, a court in France jailed 21 Tamil men. They were convicted of extorting millions of dollars from France's Tamil community for the Tamil Tigers. One was the leader of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in France.


A French court has jailed Tamil Tiger militants convicted of extorting millions of dollars from the Tamil community in France.

Twenty-one people were found guilty, including the leader of the Tamil Tigers in France, Nadaraja Matinthiran, AFP news agency reported.

The Co-ordinating Committee of Tamils-France has been ordered to shut down as well. The French court ruled that it was a front for the Tamil Tigers.

2009 has already seen a spade of arrest from New York to Singapore, targeting Tamil Tiger leaders, organisers, and sympathisers.

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