Nine year old boy in Sri Lanka saves three drowning adults and young girl

Can you imagine a nine year old weighing just 26kg diving into a 40 foot deep river to save four people? That's exactly what Dinesh Sandakelum Rajapakse managed to do. Guess what? He's done it all before when he rescued two others drowning in the river when he was just eight!

Read about his remarkable feat here. Below is an excerpt,

The eldest son to a poor farming family, Danish soon became a hero in his village, Mahiyangana, and his story was published by several national newspapers. His headmaster, D. P. Ananda, praised him at an assembly in school.

Dinesh said he was not afraid when he saved the lives of the four people because he was very familiar with the river and knew how to rescue drowning people.

"My father taught me swimming when I was two years old and we spend a lot of time in the river," Dinesh said, adding that he had saved two people in the same river when he was only eight.

To avoid being pulled down by the drowning people, Dinesh grabbed the hair of the two women and dragged them to the bank.

His heroics led to a meeting with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse in Colombo on March 16, where the president delivered his personal thanks.

Dinesh was also offered an educational scholarship to study at the Nalanda College, a leading boys' school in Colombo funded through donations from a local bank and the Nalanda Old Boys Association.

His father, Rajamuni Rajapakse, was offered a job at Peradeniya Hospital, about 100 km northeast of the capital Colombo, giving the family more income to support the boy's education.