Canadian backers of Tamil Tigers may get longer penalties

Two Tamil men who were allowed into Canada as refugees from Sri Lanka are now facing life behind bars in the US for supporting the Tamil Tigers (LTTE).

Toronto residents Suhil Sabaratnam and Thiruthanikan (Thani) Thanigasalam were due in court for a sentencing hearing in New York on Monday. Both have pleaded guilty to conspiracy and material support for terrorism and were facing possible sentences of 25 years to life. Two others — Nadarasa Yogarasa, also a Canadian resident, and Sathajhan Sarachandran — have pleaded guilty in connection with the undercover FBI sting operation.

Read more on the CBC website.

If comments on the CBC story are anything to go by, the Canadian public appear to be sick and tired of these Tamil extremist giving their nation a bad name.

Here are a few comments posted on the story,

From Indopithecus: "Canadians should realize that terrorist supporters like these emanating from our country throw a wrecking ball at our reputation south of the border. As a consequence, expect more trouble for Canada on border crossings and trade. It is not a trivial threat --- Americans are already nervous about the northern border (albeit based on several myths). These rogues jeopardise the economic well being of ALL of us. Put them behind bars for life. And, please, go after the other terrorists walking our streets. I read somewhere that 10,000 Tamil Tiger operatives are roaming the streets of the GTA. Why not send them back? Instead, we are now contemplating taking in 75 more who came by boat to Vancouver!"

From BunkerRat: "A harsh 25 years + sentence will send a crystal clear message to all would-be terrorists in the US and Canada. This is that opportunity.

The culprits, who are sidekicks of the barbaric Tamil terrorists, can console themselves that at least their lives have been spared... despite 70,000 innocent Sri Lankans were meticulously slaughtered by the Tamil terrorists for nothing... but for profit.

Unpardonable, looking at this from another angle."

From smash_the_left: "Calling those dirtbags Canadians is an insult to Canada the Canadian people."

From dbngrl: "They are either Tamil or Canadian, but they can't be both and coming to Canada was clearly just a cover for their terrorist activities. The U.S. is welcome to them and I hope they lock them up and throw away the key."

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