Sri Lankan sleuths arrest yet another senior Tamil Tiger operative on foreign soil

Sri Lankan intelligence agents have arrested yet another senior Tamil Tiger operative on foreign soil.

Sri Lankan slueths apprehended the new Tamil Tiger leader Kumaran Pathmanathan (a/k/a/ KP) in Malaysia last year. His arrest has led to the arrest of Rajan (a/k/a/ Subramaniam Siva kumar).


He [Gotabaya Rajapaksa] said the suspect, known as Rajan (alias Subramaniam Sivakumar) "had been arrested in a South-East Asian nation" and brought to Colombo on Thursday.

He said that the information regarding the suspect came from Tamil Tiger leader Kumaran Pathmanathan, who is currently being held in Colombo.

Tamilnet, the Tamil Tigers' official website, in an apparent effort to send a message to the diaspora, made a subtle announcement of the arrest of a "Tamil civilian" in Colombo.

A Tamil civilian Subramanian Siva Kumar was arrested by the Terrorism Investigations Department (TID) in Colombo, according to the Director of the TID. He told media persons in Colombo Thursday evening that the suspect has been identified as a hardcore cadre of the LTTE.

The government of Sri Lanka has confirmed that Rajan was the second in command of the overseas branch of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (a/k/a/ LTTE, a/k/a/ Tamil Tigers) and he was arrested outside of Sri Lanka with the information obtained by Kumaran Pathmanathan.

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