A high profile Tamil Tiger amongst Merak boat people?

Although several refugee cases are being turned down after the end of war and although hundreds of Tamils are being asked to return to Sri Lanka from Europe and other parts, Tamil Tiger proxies have taken keen interest in a boat containing over 200 asylum seekers anchored off Merak, Indonesia.

The Tamil Tigers (or what's left of the terrorist movement) have gone to great lengths to get these "asylum seekers" into Australia. Recently a Canadian Tamil, Jessica Chandrashekar, who had flown all the way to Indonesia was apprehended trying to smuggle laptops and other documents to those on board. Jessica Chandrashekar, Pamela Curr and Saradha Nathan, who call themselves activist were detained and deported.

Now it appears the Tigers have turned to the famous Tamil Tiger propagandist Dr. Brian Senewiratne for help. Brian was quoted today speaking to yet another naive Australian journalist, Sarah Dingle, who considered him an "Australian doctor of Sinhalese origin," which then gives us a sense of neutrality.

Those who know Brian realise that over the last several years Brian was on a paid campaign to give the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) legitimacy as freedom fighters. The Tigers invested heavily on such speakers to appear as though they were fighting for the aspirations of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.

Is it not strange then that doctor Brian appears out of thin air to talk about a Chicken Pox outbreak on board a vessel that has had a known Tamil gang member deported from Toronto and several others already identified to be Tamil Tigers?

Here is a quote from ABC,

Dr Brian Senewiratne, an Australian doctor of Sinhalese origin, has spoken with those on board and he says chickenpox is a deadly threat to those in a weakened state.

"If that chickenpox spreads to the children there will be an epidemic of chickenpox," he said.

"One of the complications of chickenpox in these malnourished, neglected children who are undernourished and generally rundown is that the chickenpox gets into the bloodstream and then gets to the brain. The technical condition is called encephalitis.

"The death rate under the age of five from the chickenpox encephalitis is almost 100 per cent, if not 100 per cent.

"On that boat, I can assure you that if the children get the chickenpox encephalitis, not one will survive."

A spokesman for Indonesia's department of foreign affairs, Teuku Faizasyah, says he has not been told about any chickenpox outbreak.

"I haven't got any information yet if there's any occurrence of chickenpox," he said.

That's not all. The Tamil Tigers and their proxies have convinced others that this boat load of people need to be resettled and they are suffering. No mention has ever been made of the fact that these "asylum seekers" or "refugees" paid thousands of dollars to human smugglers to take them to Australia instead of India. If they were really fleeing persecution, torture, and abuse why not land in India? The UN states that all refugees must enter their closest port of call, not thousands of miles away, passing several countries to find the most lucrative?

Listen to these mindless "activist" being used as a mouthpiece to serve the interest of a terrorist movement:

Grant Morgan,

Here is an international statement supporting the asylum seekers in Merak, Indonesia.

It has been jointly issued by 13 organisations from seven countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

A call for urgent action by the Indonesian and Australian governments

Merak asylum seekers need a just solution

The situation at Merak has dragged on much too long. For over 120 days, the 254 mostly Tamil asylum seekers have been stranded there. They have suffered hardships at the hands of the Australian and Indonesian authorities.

There are thousands of real refugees who wait patiently for years for their cases to be heard. Forget them. Just pay a human-smuggler and you're in. Is that the precedent being set?

Regardless, from what has been visible thus far it appears as though several high profile family members of the Tamil Tigers could well be on board this vessel. Why else would their be such keen interest in only these "refugees"?

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