Has recycled 'evidence' on Sri Lankan war crimes just reached the ICG?

When I first read the US State Dept. report on Sri Lanka's conflict, what immediately caught my eye were the photographs included as "evidence". Those who know the Tamil Tigers and have studied this conflict understand that the Tigers had mastered the use of propaganda and forgery; to this day it is part and parcel of their strategy.

During the final days of the conflict, only the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) had cameras within areas under their control. They used still and video cameras along with satellite phones, and utilised the vast diaspora support overseas to pressure Sri Lanka into stopping it's offensive against them.

This image here proves the point. It was mailed out to various media outlets and had them all duped, some still duped.

So when you hear the International Crisis Group (ICG) claim it has "new evidence" to suggest Sri Lanka shelled safe zones and hospitals and calls for a war crimes inquiry, it makes you wonder if this is a part of the strategy used by Tamil Tiger lobbyist (Rudrakumar, his paid puppet Boyle et al) to try and get back at Sri Lanka after the Tigers' demoralising defeat.

Looks like they just reached the doors of the ICG.

Like a broken record, organisation after organisation, activist after activist appear to be taking turns gulping down the same satellite imagery and photos presented to them as "evidence" of war crimes, and taking turns calling for an inquiry. I don't blame them. They have to if they are presented with what they deem as evidence.

Satellite imagery used by Tiger lobbyist to bring about a war crimes investigation in Sri Lanka have been put to the government before. And the government has presented it's version of events. Take a look here.

Sri Lanka can nullify the allegations and the activities of Tiger lobbyist overseas by conducting it's own investigation but making it transparent to foreign observers. With hours of footage recorded by unmanned drones, Sri Lanka has the ability to prove that it is innocent.

If I'm not mistaken, during conflict, a 'Safe Zone' or even a hospital is not protected by any laws when insurgents or terrorist are conducting offensive operations from within them.

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